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New mental health app - Mental Mirror Check our new success story

We’re not agency.

We are Remdev studio. We help businesses take the opportunities of digital change and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

We build apps digital experiences

We’re not building mobile apps. We’re building digital experience that users never forget.

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We love what we create.

We take incredible ideas — your ideas — and turn them into a reality.

Mental Mirror Mobile app that helps people find out what they feel and organize ways to manage this emotions.
User experience Interaction & UI Design Development

Remdev helped to make a task management system for our next-gen video ad agency. More than $200k generated by Perfomante due to the innovates and ease of management of a large number of video tasks simultaneously.

Vladislav Vashkevich Co-Founder - Mental Mirror
Facy Tighten your skin and make it look fresh and healthy by exercising for only 10 minutes a day.
User experience Interaction & UI Design Development

Remdev helped us to validate our mobile health and fitness app idea in a short period of time. The task was set in a very general way and was completed perfectly just in 2.5 weeks. Available 24/7, provided a solution to all your tasks, so you don't need to deal with micromanagement and tech issues.

Andrey Kozik Founder & CEO -

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We are focused on outcomes, not outputs. Everything we do is geared towards helping your business grow.

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We don’t have clients. We build partnerships.

Consider us a part of your team. Your goals are our goals, your business is our business. We’re in it for the long-haul if you are.


No outsource to Fiverr.

We are working only on products we are passionate about. That’s why we have a professional dedicated in-house team to help you solve any problems.


No agency model.

Our remote studio means you’ll always get more bang for your buck. Pay for real expertise, not an agency’s fourth foosball table.


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We want to change the world with great products. That's our ambition, that's our drive and what gets us out of bed in the morning.

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Maxim Mamoyco CEO and Founder
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